Top 3 Best Beginner Drones You Should Buy

beginner drone

 Drones come in variety of styles and sizes. In this content we are comparing  three popular drones for beginners. All of them are good starter drones but with some differences. The best beginner drones are up for debate but here are three that are good. Whether you are just starting or you can fly but are not very good yet, these offer many hours of fun without the worry of crashing an expensive toy.

Comparison Table

ImageModelSkill Level 
Beginner and more


1. Holy stone HS 170 Mini RC Drone Review

Holy stone HS 170 drone is undoubtedly one of the most incredible mini-drones in action today. If you love both class and style, this is the drone for you. Its remote control looks entirely different from what we are all used to. With a resemblance to the Nintendo gamepad, the remote perfectly fits into the palms, leaving you with no issues reaching each button.

The drone’s headless mode enables the beginner or children to build confidence as it allows movement in each possible direction. Its axis gyro technology enables it to flip and roll effortlessly, making each moment memorable.

One most exciting feature of this HS 170 drone is its colorful LED lights that enable quick identifications of the front and the back side, especially when flying at night. With its flexible landing feet, you need not worry about damage especially when flying at night. The feet of the quadcopter give a cushion effect at all times during landing.

The quadcopter’s extremely responsive motors make it easier for you to adjust it slowly to the direction of your choice. Additionally, you can control your drone from as far as 50 meters away. With its 2.4 GHz transmitter, you can easily control the height and direction of the drone.

This drone flies for about 8 minutes. Even though other drones of the same price may operate for a longer period; the HS 170 has a lot more to offer. Its battery charges for about an hour which is a reasonable amount of time.

The quadcopter box comes with extra four blades in case a blade is lost or broken during flying. The user manual, also contained in the box gives you step by step instructions on how to assemble your drone. Other equipment provided in the box includes the screw to help you tighten the drone parts. A remote controller, Lithium-ion battery, and a USB cable are also other items in the box.

The HS170 quadcopter will give you the flying experience that you desire at all times. Interestingly, the quadcopter is exceptionally lightweight (5lb) and is therefore not legible for FAA registration.


  • Easy to operate
  • Recommendable for beginners
  • Excellent control and response in time
  • Performs stunts
  • Does not need FAA registration


  • Camera not installed
  • Short battery life
  • Delicate prongs on the wire end, easy to damage
  • Could flip over during landing as the feet get springy occasionally
  • Possible overheating if breaks are not taken in between flights

 2-Holy Stone F181W Wifi FPV Drone with 720P Wide-Angle HD Camera

Holy stone F181  is an affordable copter with great features compared to other brands within the same price range. Going by the fact that the drone is easy to fly, it is perfect for beginners who wish to better their skills with time.
The drone comes ready to fly; the only thing you need to do is a few touch- ups before flying. The touch-ups include battery insertion, SD card insertion and attachment to the camera.
This quadcopter’s camera has a 120 degrees wide view that enables you to take bright and sharp images from the aerial angle. For this reason, this drone is also perfect for those aiming at aerial photography. It simply gives good practice on shooting from above.
The drone’s camera can transmit a live video to any gadget using Wifi. All you need to do is download the holy stone application and have it connected to the controller through the Wifi settings. This way the application can receive actual videos.
The drone’s controller has a gadget holder that holds your phone firmly in place. This way you can watch the video and at the same time control the drone. Remember it is essential to have a proper direct line of sight, for a clear view.
The FPV(First Person View) transmission for the drone is only about 50 meters, even though at this distance you can control the drone, you might not be able to have clear live video. In most cases, the live video cuts off at about 48 meters, to rule out any damage to the drone camera, try bringing the drone closer and see what happens.
The holy stone F181W is made with a hover mode for photography. The hover mode photography feature enables you to take quality photos; it is especially useful when you happen to be learning how to control the drone and flying it at the same time.
The hover mode is activated when the copter is off the ground, just a few meters in the air. Release the left and right control buttons at the same time. The drone will hover until the buttons are pressed back. When in hover mode, this drone enables you to take great pictures especially of a large group. To take a photo, you need to have the drone about 4 meters off the ground, have the drone face you and use the application on your phone to take a photo, as simple as that.
The quadcopter has several safety features that are great especially for the beginners. Its inbuilt latest 6-axis flight control systems offer exceptional stability, enabling you to try various navigations even during intense air resistance.
The headless mode provides you with no need to adjust the copter position before you take off and also improves the landing curvature to a great extent. The dual durable 3.7V 750 mAh batteries ensure that you have fun all you want without fear of running out of battery.
The quadcopter weighs 5 ounces, hence does not meet the criteria for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) registration. The Holy stone F181W Wifi drone is the best that you can get in the market at an affordable price, with such amazing features.



  • Assembled from the manufacturer, therefore ready to fly
  • Excellent camera
  • Several safety features
  • Easy to operate. Does not need special skills to fly
  • Does not require FAA registration or licensing


  • Cannot fly in harsh weather
  • Only Two megapixels (2mp) on the camera
  • Battery charge time up to 90 min

3.Drocon Drone For Beginners X708W Wi-Fi Fpv Training Quadcopter

The DROCON X708W quadcopter is undoubtedly one of the best beginner- friendly training drones in the market today. The drone is impressive in every way; it provides both functionality and simplicity. To get started, all you have to do is download the DRACON application; which is supported by all android and most iOS devices if not all.

The drone’s real-time WI-FI transmission and 720P camera makes flying a new experience for both beginners and experienced drone pilots. With this combination of features, you are now able to watch live video from your mobile phone thanks to its FPV (first person view).

The twin speed mode is both expert and beginner friendly. With Drocon X 708W, there is always speed that suits everyone.

The drone has an exciting way to indicate the front and the back, the red and blue lights help one identify the copter’s direction during an operation. However, this feature may not be as crucial to the beginners since the drone can be set into headless mode. This way you need not worry about its orientation. Additionally, you also need not worry about losing your drone.

With its inbuilt remote that records the starting point of the drone, you only need to press the button to have the Drocon Cyclone X708x return right back to you. This is a vital security feature for beginners; however, remember that the drone only returns when in headless mode.

The quadcopter’s streamlined body profoundly decreases air-resistance, increasing the drone stability hence smooth flying. This DROCON X708W WIFI FPV quadcopter is one of a kind in the market, with its amazing features; there is a greater possibility that your flying experience will be incomparable.


  • Has several great features that are user-friendly, suited for a beginner
  • Great durability
  • Clear and detailed user manual


  • Not good for flying during harsh climatic conditions
  • Has less flying time compared to similar models
  • Does not have attitude hold to enable explicit photos and video shooting

A few do’s and dont’s for the beginner:

Your safety is paramount. Therefore, it is essential to:

  • Avoid using a battery that is already swollen or one that is damaged.
  • Avoid changing the battery instantly after use.
  • Avoid overcharging your battery

Just before you take off, ensure that:

  • The drone’s battery is fully charged and that the propellers are in excellent condition.
  • The propeller is on a smooth surface
  • Software controller pairing is successful. To be able to achieve this, ensure that the controller is turned on; push the left stick up and down slowly.
  • Calibration is done. Push the sticks to the right bottom and hold them at once. If the LED lights flash and stop after some seconds, then calibration has been attained.

During the training:

  • Have your speed switched to low at the beginning
  • Use the throttle still now and then to understand how it works
  • Use trim buttons as often as possible to be able to set the drone into hovering mode
  • Make use of the one key return
  • Try the 3D flip, you can achieve this by pressing the function button and push the stick in the direction you wish.
  • Play under headless mode at the beginning if you are not able to tell where the head of the drone is.


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