RC Drones for Beginners Buying Guide and FAQ

As you shop for a drone, you will notice several acronyms. The secret to buying the right drone lies in a few things including the understanding of the such terms. We have defined some of the terms for you as follows:

RFT (Ready to fly)

This type of drone does not need assembling. Your drone is ready to fly as soon as you have it out of the box.

ARTF (Almost ready to fly)

You may need to do a little assembling yourself. The drone may also need extra equipment such as radio transmitter to have it ready to fly.

BNF (Bind and fly)

The BNF models are more of ready to fly drone types. They have a receiver but lack a radio controller. This would simply mean that you get the radio controller separately.

FPV (First person view)

This is to say that the video feeds directly from a camera on the drone. For a better and intense experience, most pilots undertaking drone racing wear FPV goggles.

RTH (Return to Home)

This is a safety feature that enables the drone to fly back to its starting point. This way you have less fear of losing your drone.

Headless mode

This type of mode is vital for a beginner. The feature allows the drone to travel left or right, forward or backward. The drone moves towards the direction you intend as long as you have the remote stick pointing towards the same direction.

Follow me

This feature uses GPRS from signal installed in the mobile or a remote control of the person being followed or tracked. In simple terms using such signals, the drone automatically follows you.

Buying an RC drone could be hectic especially if you happen to be a beginner. Here is our detailed buying guide to help you make up your mind as soon as possible.


Is a camera an important feature to consider when buying a drone?

As much as this depends on an individual preference, a camera drone enables you to do the following:

  • Allows you to experience nature in a different way than what you are used to
  • Gives a benefit of exploring your environment to every inch
  • Quickly captures different scenes especially in social events

An in-built camera is lighter and functional than some other cameras. For this reason, it is advisable that you buy a drone that comes with an already installed camera.

Do I have to have a license to have a drone?

No and Yes. You see, it all depends on what sort of drone you will be buying. In most countries civilian- owned drones less than 20 kilograms do not need registration or licensing. In simple terms, there are no regulations to stop you from going out and buying yourself a drone, as long as it is less than the above weight and you are never going to use it for commercial purposes.

Are blade protectors that important for my drone?

Yes. Propeller guards are necessary; imagine in a case that your drone lands on its side! Guards help provide better landing protection to the drone. Additionally, the guards will keep your propellers away from damage even during a hard landing.

Should I buy one that returns by itself?

Yes. It is advisable to buy a drone that automatically returns home. In case you lose sight of it, you just need to press the ` return home ‘button on the transmitter and the quadcopter will get back on its own. Even though this feature is mostly found in the most expensive drones, this is a great feature to consider. It is an essential factor to consider when you are a beginner.