Best Rc Airplanes for Beginners

1) Great Planes Goldberg Eagle 2 Trainer .29-.49 kit

Have you ever thought of building your RC airplane from scratch? It is not fair to rob yourself the satisfaction of making a plane out of a pile of little raw materials. Also, building your plane gives you a sense of full ownership. If this is something you ever considered doing, Great planes Goldberg eagle 2 kit gives you that opportunity and the all the excitement that comes with it.

Great Planes Goldberg Eagle 2 Trainer Kit Review

The great Planes eagle is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding RC kits. Its stability and durability sets it apart from the rest. The kits come with straightforward instructions, giving you no room for guesswork.
The great planes Goldberg eagle is built form balsa and plywood Die-cut construction. The plywood helps the plane withstand forces coming from multiple directions. The die-cut structure also enables the airplane to withstand any mistakes of the budding aviator.
The kit contains steerable nose gear, plastic wing tips, main landing gear wire, plastic canopy and side windows. The airplane requires .29-.45(2 stoke) or .46-.50(4 strokes) engine. Interestingly the aircraft gives you the freedom to choose the type of batteries and radio channel covering to install (even though 3-4 channel covering is recommended).
To be able to assemble your airplane in a stress-free manner, first you need to:
• Empty all the parts of the plane into an open place so that you can be able to pick them quickly during assembly.
• Punch out the D/C (die and cut) parts that you need as you proceed, this way you can track all the parts including the small ones
• Revisit the areas you glued first to add some more glue unto them
Our final thoughts
Great Planes Goldberg Eagle 2 Trainer is a perfect kit for beginners in both training and building RC planes. The parts are made of quality, therefore, guaranteeing you durability. Get this RC kit and build your first plane right from scratch.

2) Hobbyzone Sport Cub S RTF RC Airplane with SAFE Technology

It does not matter what age you are! Choosing your first RC plane is always an exciting journey. However, it can also be very overwhelming especially when you have no idea of what you should look for. We have systematically reviewed one of the best beginner airplanes Hobbyzone club S, read on and find out why we strongly recommend this airplane.

Hobbyzone sports Cub S RC airplane Review

Fly all you can and ascend to every height at your own unique pace with the stable Hobbyzone sports cub S. This small, impressive airplane has several features that separate it from the rest of the market. It comes in a ready-to-fly package to enable you to learn flying from a place of your convenience.

The airplane is easy to fly; it offers excellent stability that is especially vital for a beginner. For this reason, it is always categorized as a trainer airplane. Its high wings increase stability once airborne, making it once more an excellent choice for training. The airplane’s electric empowered motor has excellent speed and climbing performance.

For easy ground control, this Rc airplane has an inbuilt steerable tail wheel.The Hobby zone Training RC airplane Training RC airplane features an ACT (Anti-crash Technology), this means that the plane can retract from potential dangerous heights. You can continuously fly without worrying about its battery; the Lipo-battery lasts long enough after a single charge.

Its SAFE(Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope)technology offers three different types of mode that keeps the the airplane balanced during strong opposing winds. The intermediate mode offers perfect control over the elevator and the ruder; this way you can take sharp corners and climb much faster.

The mode switch enables you to shift between the SAFE beginner mode to intermediate mode until you are pro enough to fly advanced mode. Interestingly, by pushing the panic button, the on board computer takes over helping stabilize flight hence making it easy for you to control the aircraft.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • SAFE technology



  • May easily be tossed around by the wind
  • Has no camera

3) HobbyZone Champ RTF Airplane

Hobbyzone Rc airplanes have always lived up to their name. The planes have a decent and robust design that enables you to have long-lasting fun. Hobbyzone champ is one airplane form the company that is wholly excellent for beginners. This article has broken down its specifications to help you understand why we highly recommend it.

Hobbyzone Champ RTF airplane Review

There is no better way to teach yourself how to fly, Hobbyzone Champ airplane is simply designed for beginners to give you nothing but the best experience. The hobbyzone RC airplane comes as a ready to fly airplane straight from the box. Its package contains batteries for the controller and the charger.

The airplane is easy to fly however because of harsh and unforeseen circumstances, Hobbyzone champ is built from impact resistant polystyrene to withstand more multiple crashes that are inevitable during your training.

Enjoy total freedom when flying from signal interference each time you fly, thanks to the airplane’s Spectrum 2.4 GHz DSM2 technology. This airplane allows you to adjust the distance of travel of the horizontal stabilizer and the rudder by simply the hole you want the hole the servo goes into.

This RC airplane has a long-lasting battery that can last up to 8 minutes of continuous flying. The 45 minutes charging time is pretty decent. Its battery slide is configured in a  great way in that it will almost be impossible to insert it back incorrectly even after removal. The airplane is powered by four AA-size batteries, making highly portable. If you so wish to have more flying time the airplane accommodates a standard 150 mAh Lipo hobbyist batteries. The batteries are affordable and readily available online.

With the detailed instruction manual from hobbyzone, it’s unlikely that you will find this flier as complicated as many assume.

Have fun flying the HobbyZone Champ RTF Airplane; it is probably what you need as a beginner.


  • Durable can withstand multiple crashes without wear
  • Does not need construction simply a ready-to-fly airplane
  • Perfect for flying in a small space
  • Capable of flying at a high speed



  • Has no inbuilt –in gyroscope for wind resistance
  • Lacks SAFE technology
  • Does not take off from grass
  • Susceptible to force of wind
  • Lacks four channel flight

 Our final Verdict

Hobbyzone is not only affordable but also a great RC airplane for beginners. Even though you can get other better planes for some more dollars, the fact remains that hobby zone champ offers the best at its price. This is the airplane for you, if you are under budget but still want an airplane with both functionality and durability.


4) Flyzone Sensei Receiver-Ready Electric Trainer RC Airplane with Self-Correcting WISE Gyro Flight Stabilization

It is always exciting to fly a radio-controlled airplane. However, choosing the best training aircraft may be daunting at times. We have reviewed one of the best beginner RC airplanes, the Flyzone Sensei Receiver, to help you understand why it is the best for you as a beginner.

Flyzone Sensei receiver RC airplane Review

There is no doubt that Flyzone Sensei receiver is one of the best beginner training RC airplanes around. This fly zone sensei receiver makes training much easier than you can ever think.

To be able to fly your fly zone sensei airplane all you need to do is attach the wing halves and the tail section to the fuselage with screws. You do not have to glue the parts together. The plane’s trim scheme comes as already applied, the aerocell foam airplane is also inbuilt, making this RC airplane incredibly easy to fly.

This receiver-ready airplane gives you the freedom to install the radio system and flight battery of your choice. The beautiful trim comes already applied plus the aerocell foam airframe has an inbuilt molded detail.

The airplane has three modes; the beginner mode provides limited bank and pitch, all you have to do is release the sticks, and it automatically returns to neutral. The intermediate mode enables more pitch freedom and provides you with more maneuverability. The planes’ advanced mode gives you all the freedom you want; you can fly without any limits to the heights you so wish.

  • With the planes’ bailout switch, your aircraft automatically returns to level flight; it does not matter which mode you are in.

The RC plane gives you the freedom to install the radio system and batteries of your choice. Its inbuilt three-axis gyro system enables the plane stabilization during flying and landing. The system also keeps the airplane from the impact of the external factors such as strong wind and storm. Interesting, the gryo-system works with any radio model, so you do not have to worry about the radio system to install in your Flyzone RC airplane.

To attain stabilization with Flyzone Sensei Receiver-Ready Electric Trainer, you only need to let go of the transmitter sticks, and the plane automatically becomes stable, once on the ground, the steerable nose gear helps keep you in control.

Flyzone is undoubtedly one of the best RC airplanes for beginners. Because of its stabilization technology, you need not worry. Learning will take some time; fly zone sensei RC airplane makes every step of the journey more enjoyable.


  • Built with long-lasting materials
  • Easy to set-up
  • Easy to fly
  • lightweight


  • Short battery life

Our final thoughts

Flyzone is the plane to get you started. Its exciting features will make flying comfortable and more exciting. The plane is durable and will serve your best interest as far as flying is concerned. We hope that you found this review meaningful.

Rc airplane beginner buying guide

What should you consider when buying a beginner Rc airplane? Here are the factors to look into before finally paying for that airplane:


As a learner, you need an airplane with excellent stability. A high wing configuration or the powered gliders are factors in design that you should have in mind.

Power type

In the recent past, more RC airplanes were empowered by internal combustion as opposed to the new models that are electrically powered. Even though most beginners start with the electric powered airplanes, there are still several internal combustion powered trainers you can check out.

One thing you have to remember is that the internal combustion powered airplanes have an engine, the main reason why they are not as straight-forward as the electric powered ones.

Availability of spare parts

An airplane will suffer some damage after some time no matter how durable it is. For this reason, you need to know whether there are spare parts available in the market for a possible replacement. Always remember to check out spare parts when shopping around.

 Our final thoughts:

Hobbyzone airplanes are great for beginners. Because of their high-end features these planes have over the years been referred to as training airplanes. Your flying experience is not likely to be the same after purchasing this impressive Hobbyzone RC airplane. We hope that this review gave you an insight you need to make an informed choice.

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